Shining Raindrops and Little Choices


Close your eyes and imagine… You stand on a beach with your face turned toward the salty wind and your toes curling in the warm wet sand. The sun, a brilliant yellow orb, sails into view on the horizon. Beginning as a gentle swell and then foaming up to crash at your feet, the crescendo of each wave exhilarates every part of your being. It’s the ocean.
DSCF1690            Hello, my name is Dawn and I am beginning a new adventure—my first blog. I love the ocean. With all its different moods, the ocean reaches out to me in a way I cannot describe. This blog is not about the ocean, but have you ever considered that the seemingly endless expanse of water is made up of uncountable “shining raindrops?” The ocean is so big but without each raindrop, it would not exist. Whatever beauty we are searching for or trying to create in our life today, that beauty must come from raindrops. There must be little steps and little choices all combined together and focused on our dreams and goals. Dreams rarely fall into our life with no thought or effort on our part. To bring the beauty we dream of into our world, we must make those raindrops shine. Make right choices. Be focused on your dreams. Don’t let fear rule. Be you and make that you a better you every day.

Last year I started a journey of trying to create true health in my own life. The journey really started before that, but it was not until last year that my definition of health began to change. We all know the general meaning of being healthy but what is true health? True health is a triangle of healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy finances. Think about it…each one directly relates to and affects the other two. My journey started with God. Our whole life’s journey starts with God whether one accepts that or not, but I believe that having God in our life and letting Him do with us as He wants is the most important step toward true health anyone can ever make. Then last year I made the second real step and probably also the second biggest step I will ever make to change my health for the better. I made that health by changing my water. Maybe your mind is full of “????”. Yes, water. I am not a holistic health expert although I have been learning so much this past year. However, I know that for myself, changing the kind of water I drink has been an enormous factor in supporting my physical health, increasing my sense of well-being, and giving me an amazing opportunity to change the state of that ever elusive financial health. I used to think water was boring; now I LOVE my water and can hardly get enough of it. Once I had made that investment to change 70% of my body for the better, I began to pay attention to other smaller things that have helped me to continue on in my journey. I stopped drinking any kind of soda or sports drink. Then I found out about hydrogenated oil and started looking for it in ingredients lists. Next came a conscious effort to increase my fruits and vegetables by making delicious smoothies for breakfast. I got rid of almost all the chemical cleaners in my house and replaced them with natural cleaners I make myself. Right now I am looking into investing in essential oils to supplement what my water does for me. The best part of it is I am having fun with it. I’m not forcing myself into a strict regimen that makes me feel like I’m making a big sacrifice. I don’t ever intend to be a total health nut although I am sure there are benefits to going completely organic, going off dairy, and other things like that. I just want to achieve the true health of physical wellness, financial freedom, and peace of mind.

In this blog I would like to share what I am learning with others who are looking for any of the three aspects of true health. I would like to learn from others who read my posts and have things to share from their own journey.

Let’s make each raindrop count.

Let’s make each raindrop shine.

Let’s make an ocean of shining raindrops and make our dreams come true.



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