A Better Way


Do you have a dream? Is there a longing deep inside of you to achieve something and make something of yourself? Maybe that dream has become a little dim or distorted with all the pressures of life, but on those days when the sky is extra blue or a brilliant rainbow stretches across the horizon you let yourself believe again just for a little bit in yourself and your dream.

I believe that for many people one of their biggest dreams is to have the time freedom to really enjoy life. On those beautiful days when the sun is shining and breezes play with your hair, you want to just be able to enjoy that day. When your son has a birthday or your daughter graduates from highschool or your parents need some support, you want with all of your heart to be there for those times with no pressures stealing your thoughts from the present moment. Sadly, that is not the reality for most people. There is something we call “making a living” that consumes so much out of every day without really giving enough of a reward to make it worth the time. It’s NOT worth the time, but people are forced into a full time job because there is no other way to provide for themselves and their families. The ones who are fortunate enough to be able to set money aside live carefully for over half of their life so they can retire and have those last few years to enjoy life.

In my last post, I talked about a better way. There really is a better way than being an employee standing and sitting, opening and closing your mouth at your employer’s orders. There is even a better way than putting out an atrocious amount of money to start your own business and be your own boss. That way is network marketing and I want to explain what network marketing is.

Network marketing is when a company does away with the traditional way of using a small group of salespeople and giving them a monthly quota. In network marketing the company uses a very large group of independent entrepreneurs to efficiently distribute their product or service to the consumers. Let’s say that Costco became a network marketing company. Any person who purchased product from Costco would also have the opportunity to become a distributor. Costco would pay out 40% of their profit to their distributors. Maybe you like to buy eggs at Costco. If you recommend Costco’s eggs to your neighbor and so your neighbor begins to buy their eggs there as well, Costco would pay you 40% of the price for those eggs. We recommend things to people all the time. When we try something and we love it, we want to tell all our friends about it and maybe even the whole world. Well, for most things you do not get compensated for those recommendations but in network marketing you do.

Traditional companies spend about 50% of their profit on marketing. That would be in the form of advertisements, commercials, and endorsements to name a few. That is a very ineffective way because they pay for advertisement whether it generates sales or not. Network marketing is very effective because the company only pays out to their distributors when a sale is actually made. They use word of mouth by people who already love the product and it really does work in a remarkable way.

Many people have a wall up against network marketing because of a bad experience or misinformation. It is true there are companies that have cheated their distributors or at least not provided the opportunity they promised, but there are other companies with absolutely stellar reputations. Network marketing is not a fly-by-night or a get-rich-quick scheme. According to a production by Eric Worre, one of the worlds top network marketing professionals, the network marketing industry pays out over 71 billion dollars a year to close to 100 million distributors around the world.

So what are the benefits to you if you decide to become a network marketer? You can have all the comforts of being your own boss but with a system that is already set up and a product that is already ready to sell. You can generate income at your own pace and even make very serious money if you are willing to make the effort. You have the opportunity to build your own team and to succeed through your efforts combined with those of your team. You will be inspired to become a better person so you can more effectively help others. That dream to enjoy life and have time freedom can really be yours. Yes it takes effort, but I believe the effort is well worth the reward.

Among the many network marketing companies out there, I believe that mine is the best. An excellent company should care more about the wellbeing of its team than increase in profit and mine does. An excellent company should provide a way for its people to really excel and make their dreams come true and mine does. An excellent company should have a mission of making the world a better place one person at a time and mine does. I love what I do and I feel that I am truly changing lives. If you would like more information about the mission I am involved in, please get my free e-book. I simply believe that network marketing is A Better Way.

Let’s remember our dreams and make them come true.

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