Planting and Patience


I’ve been thinking this week about what hard work it is to plant seeds and wait for them to grow. It’s hard enough work in a garden. I poke the seed into the ground and two days later I’m already looking for a little green shoot. By five or six days, I’m tempted to dig around and see if anything is even going on under the dirt. Waiting for seeds to grow is even harder when it’s the garden of your life. There is hard as in “physically difficult” and then there is hard as in “wishing-you-didn’t-have-to-wait-one-more-minute-for-results” in other words, patience. Which do you find harder? To me, patience is much more difficult than physical work.

Of course we want our own lives to be beautiful and rewarding, but what does it matter if we help other people bring true health and beauty into their own lives or not? Isn’t it enough to look out for ourselves and gain all we can to make ourselves happy? It might be easier that way. Being selfish and unsociable is far less work than being selfless and friendly. So many people don’t seem to want to be helped anyway. I try to share true health with them and there is always some excuse, something they are afraid of. It takes effort to get out of the rut so they would rather stay in the rut.

So I’ve been wondering to myself… “Am I willing to keep on planting seeds and trying to be a blessing in other people’s lives even if it feels like the last drop of patience has been wrung out? What will patience cost me? What will giving up cost me? Is it too much to keep on planting seeds just because it is the right thing to do and not because I am getting a tangible reward for it?”

Deep in my heart the answer is clear. Yes, patience is hard but it makes me into a better person. If I were to give up on trying to be a blessing in other people’s lives, I might as well give up living. A selfish life might be easy but it is also a life of horrible misery. It’s true that a lot of people would rather stay in the rut. That doesn’t mean that I am free to stop trying. What if the person I will meet tomorrow is trying to get out of the rut but they can’t see how until someone who really cares shows them the way? Even those that seem like they could care less about what I have to share need someone just to care. If I can be a kind and listening ear for someone who needs it, there is far more reward than if I just share my knowledge with them and get them to agree. It is worth it to keep on planting seeds even if the opening flowers are still few and far between. If I keep planting, my garden can only become more beautiful as the flowers continue to bloom. And each flower is worth every drop of patience.

Will you decide too that you will be a blessing in other people’s lives even when it seems no one wants to hear what you have to say? Whether that is sharing true health or just being someone who cares, your garden will be a beautiful one and every flower will be a treasure.

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