Freedom: How I Have It and Why I Want It


            “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” – Pope John Paul II

       Freedom is a beautiful word. Freedom is a tremendous privilege. Freedom is an awesome responsibility. It’s a hard word to grasp really. Maybe we think we know what it is, but do we really? Is freedom total unrestraint? The child who is allowed to eat whatever they choose whenever they choose, go to sleep and wake up whenever they want, do their homework or not, decide when they want to obey their parents, and make every other decision totally without boundaries is free…or not? Is freedom the power to choose within a line of fundamental truths? There is only one right answer, but I leave the decision for you to make for yourself.

How I Have It

       I am trying to put freedom into perspective in my own mind as well as for you. If boundaries give us freedom than we can be thankful for the boundaries. We bind ourselves to a job so that we can be free to live in a house and have food to eat. We bind ourselves to the responsibilities of a family so that we can be free to be cherished by our husband or wife and looked up to with adoring eyes by little children. We bind ourselves to eating well and being properly hydrated so we can be free from sickness and disease. We bind ourselves to following God so our hearts can be free from sin and all the problems it causes. So I just want to take this chance to say I’m thankful for the boundaries because they make me free. In particular I am thankful for my boring, annoying, tiresome job that stresses me out and takes sixty of my hours out of every single week.

       I really meant it when I said I’m thankful, BUT… in the case of my boring, annoying, tiresome job I am so thankful that I have an opportunity to change the boundary. If I threw away the boundary, I would lose my freedom, but I can change the boundary to become even more free. I’m talking about financial freedom and time freedom, two kinds of freedom I really don’t have right now. I will have them though! I am so blessed to know a way up and out of giving sixty hours from every week just so I can live paycheck to paycheck.

Why I Want It

       Financial freedom—yes it would be lovely to have a newer car and be able to travel, but I don’t want to become selfish in my freedom. I want to be able to slip a few bills into the pocket of a good friend who is in need and not just twenty-dollar bills either. I want to be able to call my church leaders up and say, “You know how so much of our work was destroyed in Nepal by the awful earthquake? I’m sending you a check.” …and not just a thousand dollars either.

       Time freedom—I could go on and on with this one. Freedom to take a walk and watch the sunrise, freedom to pay for my little sisters to come visit me and then spend a week with them, freedom to volunteer at my church’s little school and maybe teach a baking class, freedom to explore God’s creation, freedom to spend all day helping a friend move. I just want to be free to really live life and to care about people with my actions not just with my words.

       Once again, I am so blessed to know a way to reach these freedoms (my goal is to be there before I’m thirty). Just a year ago I had no idea. As thankful as I am for the freedoms I already have, I am so excited to be on my way to financial freedom and time freedom. And I don’t want to keep it all to myself! Feel free to click here so you can see how by helping others find true health, you can have it yourself and really be able to reach for your dreams.

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