Be The Change-It Starts With Us


A famous quote says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” So true, yet are we? Sometimes we believe in something so strongly that we want to help others see it and believe it too. How though? You have to BE what you believe.

One Choice At A Time

I never was a “health nut.” I still don’t think I am although I’m probably a lot closer than a year nut Some people who have seen the change probably think I am totally gone over to the nut side, but oh well. If I am to help people in their journey of achieving true health I have to be there myself or at least making right choices in that direction. I can just imagine trying to help other people make right choices while they are still seeing me make the wrong ones…probably wouldn’t go over so well. I have said it several times already since I started this blog but it takes Little Choices. Maybe you want to experience more health in your life but you are looking at the big picture and it just looks too big, too impossible. Take it one bite at a time, one step at time, one choice at time. Nothing great and truly long lasting was ever built in a day. I found in my life that if I try too much at once it just leads to discouragement and I end up right back where I started with even less motivation to try again. So in trying to help others, we must first begin making those choices in our own life to put ourself in the position to be of help.

Consistent Effort

Consistence is a hard word. It means discipline. It means work and dedication. That’s more than we are willing to give in some cases. If we really want to make a change around us for the better though, consistence will have to be a part of our life. For others to believe in who we are and to learn to believe in what we say, we must have credibility and credibility can only come with consistence. Going on a health kick for two months of the year and laughing it off the other ten will not inspire others to be healthy. And I’m just using health as an example. This really applies to anything.

Caring Comes First

And I’ll say it again−caring comes first. I know its exciting to truly help others to climb up higher and be better, but don’t get so wrapped up that you have no time to honestly care about people on their own terms. Sometimes they just don’t get what you have to share and its so frustrating. You know you can help them, but they just don’t get it. Keep caring anyway. Keep planting and have patience. Let people know you sincerely care and one day they will listen with an open heart because they trust you to care.

Results Are What Matters

That is why it is so important to BE the change and not just tell it. When you live out the change in your own life, the results will start to show and it’s the results that will get people’s attention. It’s the results that start to help people see the change might really be worth their time and effort. Without results change is just work, but with them (good ones that is) change is an investment that can make your world and the world around you a better place to live.

My Change

I have made some changes in my own life this past year that have truly transformed my life in all three areas of true health. I am trying to BE the change. If you want to see what has started the whole journey, get this free e-book and tell me what you think. We have the opportunity to make our world a better place but your journey will have to start with a choice that you make for yourself. Want to change the world? Be the change you wish to see. It’s worth it.

What changes do you want to see around you?

What are you doing in your own life to BE that change?

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