What Is Success?


Can you tell me? What is it to you? What pictures come to your mind when you think of being a successful person?

Honestly, I don’t like the world’s definition of success. If success means you have to have a house bigger than you will ever need,

Google Images

a new car every other year,

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a wardrobe worth tens of thousands of dollars,

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and more money left over than most people could imagine…I don’t really care for it. It’s not that any of those things are bad. Just please don’t define success by them. You and I both know that some of the richest people in the world can also be the loneliest and saddest people in the world.

So what is success?

Well, these are ten of the things I have come up with in random order as they came to my mind. Maybe you don’t agree. That’s ok. I just know that although I am trying to create more financial stability in my life, I refuse to let that define my success. I would rather be poor and peaceful than wealthy and wretched.

Success is…

  • Being a light and a blessing in someone else’s life.
  • Being able to see beauty in little things like a rosebud or a child’s smile.
  • Giving of yourself when you know you will get nothing in return.
  • Working to better yourself while being content with what you already have.
  • Always getting up if you fall.
  • Doing your best in the little things and the big things too.
  • Knowing someone is smiling because you gave it to them.
  • Having a dream and living to make it come true.
  • Being able to work something you are passionate about.
  • Being true to God, others, and yourself.


What about you? Does any of this resonate with you? How do you define success?

4 thoughts on “What Is Success?

  1. Hey, this is something that has been on my mind for a long time to make a topic about, I’m glad you asked the question.

    For me, success is achieving the goals that you set out for yourself (not what society says). It’s being a good person, for your immediate sphere of family & friends, as well as to the wider world.

    It’s to make something of your life, and enjoy doing it. I guess it’s being proud of what you build and our accomplishments.


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      1. Well, success for us would be to have a baby. We’re trying to do this through IVF, as that’s our only option.

        Our other main goal is to be ABLE to work from home / be financially independent if we wanted to be.


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      2. Those are some big goals and good ones too I think. I checked out your “About” page and I think it’s pretty neat that the two of you are right at my age! So what kind of work do you plan to do from home? I am on that journey as well and would like to know what it is you want to do.


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