I’m Not Dehydrated…Am I?


A year ago if you had asked me if I have ever suffered from dehydration, I might have shrugged and said, “Oh, maybe once when I had pneumonia and had to have an IV every day for three days to rehydrate me.” Today that answer has changed from “once” to “many, many times.” It’s funny how the pictures or feelings we associate with words can change as we learn. Continue reading “I’m Not Dehydrated…Am I?”

Shining Raindrops and Little Choices


Close your eyes and imagine… You stand on a beach with your face turned toward the salty wind and your toes curling in the warm wet sand. The sun, a brilliant yellow orb, sails into view on the horizon. Beginning as a gentle swell and then foaming up to crash at your feet, the crescendo of each wave exhilarates every part of your being. It’s the ocean.
DSCF1690            Continue reading “Shining Raindrops and Little Choices”