True Health Puzzle

We hear it all the time in so many different ways. “Do this to be healthy. Do that to be healthy. You have to have this supplement and this many minutes of exercise and so many hours of sleep and you better keep these foods out of your diet.” There’s truth in a lot of it and hype in a lot more of it. It all seems to add up to a big puzzle with missing pieces most of the time.

Problems With the Puzzle

It’s discouraging when you try so hard to be healthy  yet it seems to just be a struggle of one step forward and two steps backward. You cut certain foods out of your diet and sweat through your rigorous exercises but still can’t seem to lose those pounds. Or you hear of someone who was the healthiest eater you knew but was just diagnosed with cancer. It just makes you want to quit. Who want to go through all the discipline of being healthy if it doesn’t even work?

I think one of the problems is that when we want to be healthy we concentrate very hard on one area and end up almost excluding so many other important things. True health really is a puzzle of many interlocking pieces, not just one remedy that solves all problems.

If it seems you are eating the right foods and getting your exercise and just having active common sense about health but still not up to where you want to be, don’t give up on what you are already doing. You are just missing a piece of your puzzle.

One of the Most Important Pieces

There is a certain puzzle piece that many people don’t realize is so important. We know nutrition is important but I have a question for you. What percentage of your body is water? Your brain is around 80%. Your blood is 90%. The average percentage of a healthy body is 75% water. So yes having the right nutrition is important, but how much more important is having the right kind of water for that 75% of your body? Water is not just water and its not all created equal. Soda, juice, sports and energy drinks, tea, and coffee are not the right pieces to your puzzle. Even bottled water may have many harmful things for your body including chemicals leached from the plastic or the water being acidic and oxidizing. If you will begin drinking the right puzzle piece for your body, you will find that it makes you so much closer to being the “picture of health” (pun intended).

Make the Change

Let yourself consider it. Don’t be afraid to change. Let yourself experience the rewards of true health by putting the right puzzle pieces in your body. I don’t know what puzzle piece you might be considering, but there is one thing I can say with confidence based on my own experience. Change your water…and it just might change your life.

To learn more about one of the most important puzzle pieces for true health please click here.

Do you think there is a puzzle piece missing in your life? Are you willing to make the change?

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