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You Are Eating Dirty Food

I don’t want to gross anyone out…but then maybe again I do. After all, you are what you eat and some of you may not really know what you are eating. Let me explain. When you buy fruits or vegetables, the common way of washing them is under your tap water right? Well, because pesticides and herbicides do not dissolve in water (otherwise they would wash off in rain), you cannot wash them off. Instead your fruit or vegetable will absorb any chemicals such as chlorine in the water itself. So popping one of those bright red little tomatoes or a purplely-red grape in your mouth even after washing it is really putting nasty chemicals into your body. Studies show that even small amounts of these pesticides in your body can cause health problems including concerns for pregnant women and their unborn child.

12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables
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So here are some options of what you can do to avoid those pesticides.

  1. Grow a garden. In a garden you know exactly what is put onto your plants and obviously the recommendation is don’t use pesticides!
  2. Buy organic. Buying organic foods may be worth it to you to eat healthier but there are the negative points as well. The markup on organic compared to conventional is 50-200 percent. There also seems to be some controversy whether or not all organic food can really be trusted.
  3. Don’t eat fruits or vegetables. Definitely not a recommended choice!
  4. Buy special vegetable cleaner. An option but maybe not in your budget.
  5. My choice. I use a special water made from my own tap water that does an amazing job of dissolving pesticides and other chemicals from my fruits and vegetables. It even makes them taste better! Watch the short video on cleaning food to see it in action and get my free e-book for more information.

Make the little choice to free your body of harmful chemicals and stop eating dirty food!

Did you know about the pesticides on the food you eat? How do you clean your fruits and vegetables? What do you think about the information in the video in option number five?